Ocean Racers' Hermes also has berths. Ocean Racers is a crew of ambitious, fun-loving sailors with professional experience and passion for ocean racing. With experience in training and racing, Ocean Racers provides a gateway into the world of offshore sailing and adventure — making everyone a true member of the crew! Hermes is a Pogo 12.50 — a racing cruiser equipped for circumnavigation and modeled after Class 40s. Packed with speed and stability, the Pogo 12.50 does not sacrifice comfort for performance.




The RouteThe fleet is lining up for the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta (AAR) which starts off Bermuda on July 8th 2018 to cross the Atlantic ocean. All competitors of the legendary Antigua Bermuda Race are invited to join the AAR fleet and make the passage to Europe combined to meet competition, safety and fun. Organizers will assist to transfer different ratings as easy as possible. Amongst other offshore bullets, like "Rambler88", "Teasing Machine", "Outsider" or "Varuna", "Malizia", Class 40s "RED2 and "Mariejo" or the TP52 "ROCKALL V" there will be a strong competition in the building fleet. The North Atlantic is expected to deliver prime- conditions for offshore sailing.

The crews will be battling their way through the Atlantic playground, leading the yachts from Bermu- da to Germany. Once they crossed the finish-line off Cuxhaven, a massive welcome by the Norddeutsche Regatta Verein (NRV) awaits the crews. The AAR celebrates the 150th anniversary of the NRV, so all competitors can expect a well setup up reception and some great days of celebration in Hamburg. The AAR itself will start on 8th of July 2018 in the crystal clear waters off Bermu- da, leading the competitors through a time-gate south of England to compete for the official speed record (Bermuda - The Lizard), follow the Channel and finish at Cuxhaven, the entrance of river Elbe. All yachts will be welcomed at Hamburg, directly in the heart of the vibrant maritime "Hansestadt", where a public race village will be the platform for events, hospitality and tremendous presence in direct vicinity of the new sight-seeing highlight, the "Elbphilharmonie", attracting thousands of spectators.

Start Antigua: May 9, 2018

Hamilton, Bermuda: July 3, 2017: The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club announces that the second edition of the Antigua Bermuda Race will start on the May 9, 2018.

The 935-mile offshore race is organized in association with Antigua Sailing Week and is supported by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Yachts of 40ft and over will be racing under the IRC Rating Rule, MOCRA and the CSA Racing Rule, with the latter amended to permit boats to use their engines, subject to a time penalty. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, with many year's experience hosting the Newport Bermuda Race, will guarantee a fantastic welcome and a great party.

"We have had great feedback from the competitors who took part in the first race," commented Race Chairman, Les Crane. "The America's Cup put Bermuda in the spotlight as a superb sailing destination and the Antigua Bermuda Race is designed to carry forward this legacy. The race will start just a few days after Antigua Sailing Week on May 9, 2018, a time when a lot of boats gather in Antigua before returning to North America and Europe. The Antigua Bermuda Race gives sailors an opportunity to safely experience about a thousand miles of Atlantic Ocean racing in company, at a time of year when conditions should be ideal."

"This is exactly the result we planned for when the Bermuda Tourism Authority supported the inaugural Antigua Bermuda Race this year," said Pat Phillip-Fairn, chief product and experiences development officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority. "The America's Cup inspired the Antiqua Bermuda Race in the first instance and Bermuda's high quality nautical experience is what has them coming back in 2018. This is an exceptional America's Cup legacy event and we are excited to welcome it back to the island in May 2018."

Competitors are invited to express their interest in the Antigua Bermuda Race at: antiguabermuda.com/contact-us/survey