Kevin McLaughlin with a crew of just three on X-55 Rye checks in 100 miles out from the finish.

3 on board,

A1 tacked to the bow on roller furling. Had a few challenging sail changes but overall we executed well. Boat likes blue water. Rugged, comfortable in any sea conditions and fast. Most importantly great crew work, strategy and no sleep.

Bermuda is one of my favorite destinations and I have many special sailing memories of Bermuda. I suspect there's a trip to the Swizzle Inn in the near future!!

Hello to our friends in Fairhaven. The weather is Bermuda is fantastic, come down for a sail.


Sunday morning zen ? We knew it was coming, but it’s always almost a shock when it arrives.

Our strategic positioning and timely sail changes had us feeling near immune to the wind holes that plague this race. The first batch just slowed us down a bit, but we kept good pace amongst the fleet. ⛵️

We’ve been diligent and even pulled off a very smooth A3➡️A2 swap on the deck at midnight when the beginnings of the light air began and the breeze shifted aft. This morning has been all about patience as the slow rolling ocean swells bounce any pressure out of the spinnaker.

When you hear “Yes! 5 knots!” in genuine delight from Morgen, you know it’s been a tough morning. ?

But I guess we knew it was coming, and thus we know it won’t last forever, and on the other side is Pogogo conditions. Just gotta make it through today, then tomorrow will be FULL BEAST MODE to the finish ?

Track Hermes and the fleet on Yellowbrick: ?

A little update from Mariella, so far so good, the old lady loves the 
angle of the wind and she keeps moving fast considering her age, amazing 
menu based on two beautiful fresh wahoo.We'll try to send some picture.


S/Y Mariella

After a long day (Friday 10 May) in a no wjnd zone, wind is slowly getting back 
Happy to get back in the race :) Gilles - Esprit de Corp

Blog from Pata Negra - Andy Liss

We are having a pleasant race, after the power reaching the light
conditions of today have been very testing and we have been searching
for speed and wind rather than course with a man in the crows nest for
three hours searching our best course around the holes.

Many Thanks


Pata Negra
17.19 pm.
28,08.595 N       063,52.332

Making it work ? We’ve had a pretty great start to the Antigua Bermuda Race so far!

Tacking up the coast of Antigua, we had a good position amongst the fleet as we cracked off towards Barbuda. As the smallest boat it the fleet, it was nice to see a couple boats behind us ?

We took insight from our 2 past years doing this race, and avoided heading east as much as possible. So to the west of Barbuda we went, blasting under A3, then taking it down around sunset to preserve some height (and the crew) for the battles ahead.?

It was hard to see the open 40, Raucous, approach and pass us yesterday morning, and even harder not to follow them jib reaching due north. But we were patient and held our course preparing for the best positioning for the wind holes ahead. ?

So we worked with what we had. Sure the Code 0 would’ve been perfect, but we don’t have that sail (yet). So we tried double slotting with the jib and a reefed staysail, and then eventually we hoisted the A3 with full staysail and have been running that combo at hot angles ever since ?

Currently squeezing 6-7 knots boat speed in breeze not too much stronger than that. Driving must be fine tuned and precise to maintain momentum and keep the kite filled. Small light air patches ahead, but with a slow residual swell and a slightly reachy angle, we can keep Hermes moving ahead ?

Good morning
Update onboard Edc 
Day starts beautifully with lighter air on the ocean and a beautiful blue sky.
Some of our team members have been struggling with sea motion on day 1 but all getting better now 
We think the course is very interesting on a weather stand point and we are looking for the best way to go through the very light air patch.
A few issues with our irridium email account but should be able to fix it soon 

Kind regards 

x-55 Rye in the Antigua Bermuda Race - Start video from on board racing with his Skipper and Father Kevin McLauglin and James Budi - just three souls on the Rye!