So about last night... woah. We gybed late in the afternoon and we were making good headway, and that's about the last good thing that happened.

The entire day was overcast, so we knew it was going to be a dark night. But we weren't prepared for this. First night watch was like attempting to sail in deep space. No horizon line, basically it was a video game of trying to concentrate and steer to the red bobbing numbers on the display. Then all hell broke lose.

Around midnight the wind completely shut off. We saw lightning off our port and starboard bow, meaning we were slowly getting sucked into the storm. We had no choice but to go right into it. The wind, when there was any, was spinning us in circles as we got wrecked by each newly formed storm cell. It was disorienting to say the least.

Our VMG at points was negative and all we could try to do was just head north-ish. The most intense part of the storm left us with fluky winds, night-vision-destroying lightning and heavy downpour that had you begging for some mercy. We almost wished the storm packed a punch with some heavy winds so we could at least get something out of the hellish evening.

Off watches became a mere suggestion and sleep was a luxury as the boom bounced and we bobbed aimlessly. For awhile we were going absolutely nowhere and began the somber conversations of turning on our engine and dropping out of IRC. No, we worked too hard for this. We resolved to wait for the next sched to see if any of our other competitors got wrecked or if we were the only lucky ones.

Turns out we didn't even end up the worst off from the evenings events, but we still wonder if our competitors just caught the wind holes or were privileged enough to experience the light show as well. Our main is currently down in order to fill the kite with some air, as we slowly but surely make miles to Bermuda. Never a dull day at sea!