Things tend to balance out at sea. Our previous hellish night of lightning was complemented by one of the most gorgeous sunsets we've ever seen. The sky glowed beautiful reds, oranges and pinks; colors so vibrant that photos don't do it justice.

We shook out our anxiety of storms, wind holes and negative VMG with a sunset dance party to Shakedown Street by the Grateful Dead. Shout out to the Reilly fam who raised me on good music (you'll be happy to know there's also another Tab Benoit fan onboard too!)

It's amazing how complete strangers can become so close after just few days at sea. We've been through a lot together over this short week -- sharing midnight stories, frustrating moments, hairy scenarios and plenty of sleep-deprived laughs and antics. It is also pretty awesome how people from across North America, from all different walks of life, can come together as a team when you're all "stuck" on a vessel with a shared purpose.

This morning tested our patience yet again as we got sucked into another wind hole, this one spanning two watches. Again, balance? We were greeted with another gorgeous sun salutation that had us on a near opposite heading and wind direction than we had at sunset. Are we in the upside down?

At sea you learn to take what you can get and that everything is relative. I came up on watch last night and there was steady wind, perfect heading and 6-7 knots VMG. I immediately volunteered to drive knowing nothing lasts forever. By the time it was Joel's turn, we were bobbing in circles.

Last night with 2 knots of wind we were at least able to match that in VMG, although we felt like we were going nowhere. This morning we have the same VMG as we head upwind, but the forward momentum feels 10x better and more rewarding.

It's all relative and we have to remind ourselves that we are still doing relatively well given the conditions and our limited sail wardrobe. It's far too easy to internalize bad performance in sailing when there are so many factors that are often out of our control. So you learn to take what you can get, and just go with the flow...

-Meg Reilly, co-skipper Hermes. Follow @oceanracers