Things have been light and fluky in our final approach to Bermuda. With the recent reports from the last 36 hours, we are beginning to think we are in the Bermuda Triangle. From an abandoned and sunken competitor that was right on our rum line, to scheds that reflect a Hanse 43 cruiser catching up to a Volvo 60... we are not quite sure what reality we are living in.

We've suffered far too many night watches of just drifting, which led to many of rounds of "what would you rather?" Essentially, would you rather have these sailing conditions every night for the rest of your sailing career or literally anything else? The stumper was "would you rather do the Volvo Race at 5 knots around the world or the Vendee Globe at 25 knots?" Apparently our crew all measure sanity quite differently.

We've tried to maintain a bit of sanity onboard during this light stuff by being productive. Joel has had his rigging kit out on deck this morning, currently splicing a soft shackle for our staysail halyard. He's also put eyes in our jib sheets and end for ended our main halyard to give a second life to our used halyard and avoid chafe. It's turned into a splicing tutorial too, as Joel has taught Olivier how to do a brummell splice on 12 strand.

Making the most of our time out here even if the sailing conditions aren't ideal! Yesterday we were beating upwind all afternoon, which gave us the feeling of accomplishment but also appreciation for the times the boat and sea state has been flat and comfortable. Looking forward to getting to Bermuda! We shall see what our final night watches have in store...