Challenger SoG 10.2 COG 353

A slow start for us in the 2018 Antigua Bermuda race but exactly as planned. This year’s race did not initially line up with our schedule and we were not going to do it but plans change and our departure date changed and suddenly we could do both the things we wanted to do- head to Stamford to participate in the Block Island race and also do the A-B. The actual total extra distance we had to factor in to go though the A-B finish line on our way to Connecticut was 30Nm. Like come on- why wouldn’t you? So, suddenly the schedule is clear but we are left with the fact that this voyage had been intended by us as some short handed sail training with Canadian father son team Rick and David Smith. 

Hmm so now we are three people on a Volvo 60, 2 learning about double handed offshore sailing and we have a race to complete. It’s an amazing opportunity so we jumped at it but yes that was us going though the start line with a triple reefed main as our little crew got to grips with the 20+ conditions and a whole lot less people that David and Rick are used to sailing with.

We finally rounded Green Island on the east end of anti-aging 5 miles behind the body of the fleet after a trudge upwind with no drive from our diminutive but manageable mainsail (Think about the racks and gybes on a V60 with full running backstays, square top main and three crew) 

Luckily now we are able to crack sheets a little a pick up speed and we can easily handle 10 knots while the team gets their legs. Safety as always is paramount and whilst we are in the race we are realistic about what we can achieve - but hey that’s learning and that’s what we are here for. Now we just need to hunt down some of those fast 40’s to play with!



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