it is with some regrets we have decided to withdraw from the 2018 Antigua to
Bermuda Race.

Teasing Machine is motoring towards Bermuda since 22.00 UTC on this 12th of
May 2018.All crew members and boat are safe and fine.

One of our crew member needs to get back to Europe within the shortest
delay, for personnal reasons.

The weather conditions are not allowing us to reach Bermuda on a racing
mode, with very few miles to be covered in the next 24h due to very calm

Our ETA to Bermuda is tomorrow evening, 13/05/18 around 22.00 UTC.

We are all disappointed not to be able to finish the race, but as a Team we
agreed this is the best solution.

The entire Team would like to thank the OA and all passionates and
volunteers that have contributed and helped to the organization of this
Antigua to Bermuda Race.