Sunday morning zen ? We knew it was coming, but it’s always almost a shock when it arrives.

Our strategic positioning and timely sail changes had us feeling near immune to the wind holes that plague this race. The first batch just slowed us down a bit, but we kept good pace amongst the fleet. ⛵️

We’ve been diligent and even pulled off a very smooth A3➡️A2 swap on the deck at midnight when the beginnings of the light air began and the breeze shifted aft. This morning has been all about patience as the slow rolling ocean swells bounce any pressure out of the spinnaker.

When you hear “Yes! 5 knots!” in genuine delight from Morgen, you know it’s been a tough morning. ?

But I guess we knew it was coming, and thus we know it won’t last forever, and on the other side is Pogogo conditions. Just gotta make it through today, then tomorrow will be FULL BEAST MODE to the finish ?

Track Hermes and the fleet on Yellowbrick: ?