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Monterey- Skating along SE 8 flat sea, lots of stars amid thin cloud. Great start. Boats at the pin could nearly fetch the SE corner of Antigua. Moderate SE wind and flat seas made it one of the nicest afternoons in 10 days. Overtook 2 Whitbread 60's to leeward before the corner then tried our code zero that we had been playing with for several days. It was the wrong sail but it was on deck and we wanted to try the furler out. Got it down but took quite a bit of time getting the symmetrical up which surrendered our early gains. Wind softened and we were down to 2 knots. We had always assumed we would need to motor at some point and would drop out of IRC so decided there was no reason to wait. Sent a message to RaceMgt and fired up the iron genny. An hour later the wind had filled in and we were back sailing. Beautiful moonrise as we skate along at 5 knots.

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