Morning Louay and Trish,

Very frustrating night for team Freya last night. As you can probbaly tell its light out here. After passing Barbuda we had 10-12 knts out of 130-160. Around midnight the breeze started to lift innto the 180s and drop down to 5. We gybed at 0100 onto port hoping to get back into the breeze. But it was appaarent that it was total shut down everywhere. We dropped the kite around 0430 and flopped around until the breeze has now filled in from 070 at about 6 knots. Currnetly sailing at 330 at 7knts with main and C0. We have yet to turn our engine on, unlike half of the fleet...are we in a motor boat race or sailboat race? 

Despite a tough night, Georige is making some banging bacon and egg sandwiches to keep moral up. Perhaps the smell of them will slow the petrol heads down!


Best regards,
Jonathan 'Joph' Carter
Captain S/Y Freya
ANT + 1 268 717 4766