A challenging evening for the team aboard Hermes. We held onto a course towards Bermuda until it became apparent that we might get forever stuck in a wind hole. We gybed off and began heading North-West with some other members of the fleet just to keep making miles somewhere.

Needed to dig deep to fight fatigue and stay focused as our BBB kite barely stayed filled at night with winds of 1-4 knots. Dawn broke and we finally caught a bit of a break. Although, our performance has been a bit misleading as we're uncertain if our competitors around us are motoring or not (allowed by CSA with penalty).

But we were match racing a Pogo40S this morning as we returned to making good miles to Bermuda, while our fellow Pogo headed more west presumably to catch better weather. With 5-6 knots of wind, we've been able to match or exceed wind in boat speed. Hoping we catch better breeze!