Gorgeous evening onboard Hermes. We've had some decent breeze to keep us going, and a nearly cloudless night speckled with stars and rising celestial bodies that look like masthead lights! Quite enchanting once you got past the initial alarm.

We've waited all morning to get BBB flying again as our angle had been too hot to carry her overnight. Finally we were able to put her back up this morning and started seeing 8-9 knots boat speeds. A little more excitement this morning as a sperm whale and her calf bobbed up just 10 feet from our port beam. Certainly gave Morgen O Canada flashbacks as he was driving past with so little clearance! Luckily we stayed clear this time and got to enjoy this rare sighting.

This precious pair reminded us that it's Mother's Day as well! Happy Mother's Day to all our moms that let us go play out in the middle of the ocean -- thanks for all of your love and support! We are all safe, well fed and hydrated