Fantastic sailing conditions out here today. We've had champagne sailing really and cant ask for more. The breeze has just gone light as the evening approaches and should be an interesting night. Warrior looks to be ripping and will be hard to catch up to as the breeze will go forward on us tomorrow for a beat into the finish. Its been a great battle trying to catch Stay Calm who did well by sticking West. Looking forward to the final day!

On other news, we came across a few suspicious looking vessels. We spotted the ship on the horizon in front of us, however not on AIS. As we sailed closer you could make out that this was not your everyday ship you might come across in these waters, far from it, rather a ship that represented  something out of Captain Philips! While sailing closer we had the binoculars on them and there were no signs of human life. Ghost ship straight out of the Bermuda Triangle...Suddenly there were a few people running around wearing bright orange overalls. They were spying us and we were spying them in what was a few tense moments. After passing a few hundred meters off there transom it appears they were rafted up to another, smaller ship, equally looking in disrepair. There was a crane offloading 'cargo' from one to the other. The top deck was full of fishing buoys that looked like equipment for long lining, a fairly cruel  method of fishing thats by-catch often outweighs what they are fishing for. Im not sure what these guys were up to, but they were surprised to see us, either illegal fishing or smuggling..who knows. 

For the other sailors out there, I dont think they will be lit tonight and you wont seem them on AIS. They are in rough position 26.50N 64'40W Keep a good look out. Few pictures below.

Georgie has cooked us some fine coq au vin and looking forward to another fine night of sailing. 

Best regards,
Jonathan 'Joph' Carter
Captain S/Y Freya
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